Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, Warsaw R-IX has made it a priority to maintain our strong educational platform.  The challenges we have faced, and the decision that we are making, are all focused on keeping our students and staff safe while providing for educational needs of our students.

Our specific recommendations are as follows.

1.  We will move from "mask mandated" to "masks recommended" to begin the school year.

2.  Our administrative team will continue to monitor, while considering all factors involved, the numbers of both quarantined and active cases in a building.  If a building reaches the 10% level masking will become mandatory at that building.  Masks may be "recommended" again when levels are at a safer trend, which will be determined by administration and/or the board of education.

3.  County data, recommendations, and guidance will also be a determining factor for times of mask mandates.

4.  Masks will be mandated on buses and other public transportation, due to the inability to socially distance.  Other factors may be considered as well.

5.  Students will still need to have masks with them for times when they have interactions with health compromised students or staff.  These times will not be discussed because of rights of privacy.  When students are asked by staff or administrators to put on a mask, they will be required to do so at that time.

A safe learning environment is what we strive for!  We will continue the practices put in place for social distancing, sanitation, and hygiene.  We are all involved in this pandemic;  thank you for your help in maintaining a safe learning environment.